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Restrictions Have Been Lifted, But the Pandemic Isn’t Over!

COVID-19 has swept the entire planet, there are still new cases being diagnosed, as well as the already high death toll.

Of course, we can’t live in a state of lockdown forever, but, people are already behaving the way we all would in the pre-pandemic world.

I’ve had to venture out a fair few times as of late, it seemed that people were sticking to the rules, somewhat, but now? It seems they’ve all gone out of the window now that more restrictions have been limited.

I had to go sort out photos for ID purposes and pick up pieces that I needed, I wandered past clothes shops and Greg’s Bakeries on my travels, now that these places are open, you’ll see people lining up for them. Which would be fine, but these lines seem never ending. I can understand clothes shopping, to an extent anyway, but do you really need baked goods that badly?

I don’t drive, so I have to rely on public transport, I was never a fan of that anyway, but I’ve seen so many people boarding without masks now, it’s actually frightening to me.

It honestly seems to me that the general consensus now is that because the non-essential places are now opening back up, that means the virus has decided, on its own accord, that it is time to pack up and die out.

If only viruses had that level of awareness.

Not to mention, beaches have been packed because the weather has been nice, it just seems absolutely insane to me that given the rising death toll that people are willing to risk themselves, as well as others, just to sit down the beach.

The pandemic affects us all, the second wave of a pandemic is usually the worst, so much of this could’ve and should’ve been avoided.

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