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The Inner Critic

Is there any critic who is harder to please than your very own inner critic?

I feel like I am constantly at war with mine.

I feel the content on my blog hasn’t lived up to the very high expectations that I tend to set for myself.

This has gotten to the stage where I feel the urge to berate myself for the extended break I took. The daft thing is, I needed a break!

I had two separate hospital trips in a week. One for blood tests because I’ve been poorly, I also had a procedure on my right eye. These aren’t reasons to be angry, yet that nasty inner critic is angry.

We can be too hard on ourselves, we are very capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to, yet our own critic always seems to find flaws in whatever we do.

The artist, who just created content might hate their work. The writer, who has penned a fantastic novel might never share their work. Those looking at the work from an outside perspective, however, might adore the work.

I believe it is important to aim for betterment whenever possible, but without punishing ourselves for our perceived failure.

Maybe asking for feedback from a neutral source could beneficial. Criticism isn’t always a negative, it can help you grow, but it’s important to differentiate between constructive criticism and unwarranted criticism.

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