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Social Distancing Ramblings.

I had to run some errands yesterday, which is always a daunting experience for me.

Here’s a photo of me looking rad af in a mask. Don’t even ask about those eyebrows, I just let them do their thing.

It’s nice to see that people are now following the guidelines better now, as opposed to the earlier bedlam and mass gatherings to raid supermarkets, but I’ve still spotted people who follow the rules to a point, then go and immediately do something that could cause infection.

I don’t think you should be touching ATM machines right now, people have been doing that. I saw a person pull their mask on and off repeatedly before touching an ATM. Then putting the mask back on. It just seemed redundant wearing the mask at all.

The thing is, this whole pandemic has still rocked me to my core. I’m paranoid often as it is, but the idea of potentially picking something like this up is terrifying. I’m more concerned about passing it on, though.

In the supermarket today, I had a few people who decided to cross my path to get into an adjacent isle. What happened to the 2 metre rule? It doesn’t just apply to the queues in the shops. People would stop and have chats in the isles, too. While I understand missing people, I’m missing so many loved ones right now, a supermarket isle isn’t the place to catch up.

Things seem to be picking up ever so slightly in my life in regards to appointments, at least. I have another appointment date for my cross linking procedure. I’m not sure how this is going to play out, given the fact that I cannot drive and I’ll need to rely on public transport to get there and back. Not to mention, the idea of being in places where sick people gather has always alarmed me.

This is worrying me more than the procedure itself. I just hope people are following the procedures better in the hospitals than they do in other public settings. I need this procedure, but at the same time, I don’t want to be in a place where bugs and viruses can spread so quickly.

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing Ramblings.”

  1. Every time I step outside, I see another example of these precautions being flagrantly disregarded … so I definitely share your frustrations!
    Also as for the hospital, I haven’t been to one myself lately, but I have heard from others that they’ve set up separate entrances, waiting areas etc. for covid19 patients to prevent others from being anywhere near them. Hopefully it’s a similar situation where you are!


  2. It can be a really anxious experience trying to get about. My ‘favourite’ observation are those with medical masks covering their mouths and not their noses. Sort of…entirely defeats the point of wearing a mask but there we go. Interesting observation on the ATM usage, from my biased perspective (in banking) ATM usage is really down at the moment however people seem to be doing a lot of building work. I’m not sure if there is a strange notion floating about the money we give out is cleaner than that in the machines but hey ho.


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