What They Don’t Tell You About Depression #1: The Lack of Hygiene Motivation!

I figured I would start a little series based on the struggles I was never told I could face upon my diagnosis.

Of course, while these might not impact you, I tell those stories and share the “grosser” aspects of my mental health to spread awareness.

That being said, this post might be a little gross. 😅

I’ll just open with something personal, until recently, I hadn’t showered for a few weeks. I can already sense wincing and disgust. Maybe that’s just in my head, though.

Depression, for me anyway, has a tendency to make everything seem futile, as if nothing has any reason or point to be carried out.

Sometimes, I’m just too tired to even care about my own hygiene. Why should I shower/bathe if I’m just going to end up back there anyway? I don’t particularly like myself all the time, so the idea of stripping down can make me gag. I wish there wasn’t a mirror in the bathroom.

I’m just going to be as subtle as a sledgehammer to the pips here. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through a phase like this, I doubt it’ll be the last. My hair and skin are often horribly greasy, I’ve had black marks on my skin from dirt, I’ve sat in sweat ridden clothes for days on end. To reiterate what I said earlier on in this post, “what’s the point?”, that mindset and my lack of motivation has left me looking so unkempt and horrible, not to mention any potential smells, I am honestly surprised I haven’t clogged the drains when I’ve eventually cracked and cleaned, I’m also shocked I haven’t been hosed down either. 😂

To some people, depression is viewed an emotion, to them, you’re just sad. To others, it’s just a case of you being “miserable” as a person. So combine that with this type of phase, I’ve just been labelled as dirty and lazy. Of course, I’m not going to argue with the latter, admittedly I am pretty lazy on occasion, I don’t like being labelled as dirty. It’s just not something I can bring myself to do some days.

I’ve read some tips from various on how to survive these days, so I’ll share them here:

  • Wash your face, armpits and genital areas if you can’t bring yourself to shower.
  • This isn’t an alternative to brushing your teeth, but if you’re having a bad day, make sure to have a spare bottle of mouthwash around to rinse your mouth. It’s not a replacement, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Dry shampoo is a quick fix, don’t rely on it, but again, in some situations, it’ll help.

I share this in the hope people become more aware of the sides of depression people don’t always tend to be vocal about.

We need to keep the conversation active.

Part 2 will be live next week!

Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here! ❤️

I aim to post mental health content every Monday.

You can find upcoming information on posts and all that good stuff over on my socials:

Stay safe and stay hydrated!

– Stace xo


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