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Why I Started Using Boomerang Games Rental & Why I Believe You Should Too.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I am a customer of this service and these are my own thoughts, this post was written on my own accord! 😊

Boomerang games is a UK video game rental service. I have been a customer for a little while and I swear by it.

There have been game titles that I have been curious about, but didn’t want to spend too much money on a game I might not like, also, trading games in means getting a lot less back than what you paid for the item, unless it’s within a week of launch.

Since using the service, I have played through games I wouldn’t have been sure about spending the money on, it’s also nice to have the option to rent games for a set price and then return them once you’re done.

The package I am using at the time of this post allows me to rent an unlimited amount of games per month, so if I don’t enjoy a title I’ve rented, I can post it back and get another.

This has saved me a fair bit of money, so far.

I have never had an issue using the service. The games have always been delivered in a reasonable timeframe, even with the current pandemic going on at the time of this post.

I also like the fact that you can post the games back for free, from my experience selling completed games online, postage can add up.

You also have the option of buying a rented tile from them if you liked it and wanted to play it again.

The service is worth spending money on. There are varying packages that’ll suit your needs, the variety of games for different platforms is a massive selling point, it could take a little longer to get older titles, but you’re still saving money.

I cannot recommend the service enough.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate you being here. The blog has gone through a name change and will be adding extra content soon. Don’t worry, though! Friday will always be my allocated gaming post day.

I know this was posted on a Saturday, I needed Friday to recover, but I digress! πŸ˜…

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Stay safe and stay hydrated!

– Stace xo

2 thoughts on “Why I Started Using Boomerang Games Rental & Why I Believe You Should Too.”

    1. You get a free trial for 21 days and then you can pick your on package. I pay Β£13.99 for mine. It’s great value and so handy! 😊


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