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Thoughts Amid the Lockdown

At the time of writing this post, the UK is still under lockdown.

To say life has changed very drastically would be the biggest understatement of this century, so far anyway.

The new decade hasn’t started off well, has it? 😅 I’ve had a lot of time with my thoughts, as have many others and it has got me thinking that the “old” way of doing things might be a relic of the past once this all blows over.

It makes me think back to the times, not long ago, where the act of just going to a corner shop seemed so trivial. Now, it seems like a matter of life and death with what is going on around the world.

We all for sure took the world, as well as our health for granted, we would freely travel to places where any sickness was lurking, yet in some cases, the simple act of washing your hands when you returned from the outside world wouldn’t even cross your mind.

This pandemic has also shown who and what is important in the world. We’ve never celebrated the staff in supermarkets, the cleaners who keep the place as germ free as possible, the delivery drivers out who ensure that the supply meets the demand, the key workers who are still out there despite the risk and most importantly at all, the staff of the NHS.

The latter of which has been a saving grace during this pandemic, their lives are at risk on the front line to ensure ours can be saved if we were to contract this virus.

We need to be doing more to protect the NHS, as well as the other workers doing all they can to keep us going. Once this lockdown is over, we should never look down on workers again. This pandemic has also shown that the NHS needs more support and funding. The fact it has been labelled as a charity shows the system is failing it. Having access to free healthcare should be a human right, not a luxury for those better off. Even our own Prime Minster has unfortunately experienced this virus and needed the NHS to ensure his life carried on.

While I do not agree with the Tory party and their policies, I am grateful that he pulled through. Disagreeing with someone politically is democracy, but wishing the life of a person away because you don’t agree with them is barbaric. The NHS needs to become a priority more than ever from this point on.

Life as we knew it might never return, but is that a bad thing? We were too reckless as a species in some aspects. We didn’t value the right people. We judged those with “lesser” jobs and idolised those we saw on TV.

It is honestly such a shame that this pandemic has claimed as many lives as it has, my hope now is there is a silver lining, in which we all stop taking life for granted in the ways we did.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, COVID-19 has been a very grim reminder of that. The world will heal, remember the bubonic plague? While that tore through humanity, the extent of the damage wore off over time.

We live in an era with ever advancing technology and medicine, it doesn’t feel like it, but we are more fortunate than those who lived during the periods of the plague and the Influenza pandemic.

Just a few things I’d like to add before wrapping the post up:

  • Never judge people based on their government. China has suffered, people have lost loved ones over something they didn’t condone.
  • Follow the rules of the lockdown, as frustrating as they can be, we need to decease the rate of which viruses can spread.
  • Be kind. This pandemic has had a knock on effect on everyone. There are people who’ve had appointments cancelled, lost their jobs, people struggling with mental health issues because everything feels uncertain.

It will be okay, I can’t tell you when, but I can guarantee it’ll be okay.


I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

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