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Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Ember Rise First Impression

Operation Phantom Sight? Don’t know her! What an absolute mess that season was. So many exploits, the server stressing, the DDOSers, the operators themselves being lacklustre. Not this games finest hour, I never wrote posts about the season, I just had nothing to say, here is a post I wrote about the state of the game at the time, that can be found here if you’re interested, but I digress.

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The new season is finally here! And it has been an absolute blast to play so far, the operators are fun and a breath of fresh air to the Siege meta. Their abilities are balanced and easy to counter, if you know what you’re doing.

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An addition I am stupidly fond of is this new character screen. You get to see the 3D models of the operators, instead of their portraits, you can pick who you want to display, you can choose to have them rotate, but I choose my favourite op, Thatcher, and of course, Lord Tachanka rocking his Lord Tachanka uniform. I honestly can’t get enough of that meme.

It’s purely a cosmetic change but one I enjoy, so props to Ubisoft for it.

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We didn’t get a new map this season, we got a remake of Kanal, which was something I was reluctant about at first, last seasons Kafe rework wasn’t terrible by any means, but after the reworked Hereford Base was lacklustre, to put that as nicely as possible.  It’s added new connectors so it isn’t as much of a hassle to rotate around, but it’s also the same memorable layout with a nice, new coat of paint.

The toxicity levels haven’t seemed to change, there’s still so many ways to grief and be an annoyance. As the clip I saved above shows, vote to kick abuse is a still an ongoing problem. Come on, Ubisoft. Your game is in its fourth year, how can this still be a problem? Features like this are seldom used for their intended purpose.

The feature is in place to deal with toxicity by removing the problem, but it has become the problem. 4 man squads can abuse the system to remove a fifth player they don’t want to play with them. Siege also has a toxic mentality with how well you perform in a game, if you fail to win a round, they’ll vote you out. Like the clip I shared also shows, I was the last one alive after my team decided that running for the last person alive was a good idea. It was put into the game with good intentions, but its actual use couldn’t have strayed further than that.

Now onto the operators.

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The new addition to the attacking side is Amaru, she is a 2 speed, 2 armour operator. Her unique ability is absolutely fun and adds a whole new level of strategy to the game. She has a grappling hook and is able to propel her through windows or open hatches. This adds a whole new threat to the defending side, you need to pay extra attention to avoid her catching you out. Her ability is balanced and easy to counter, though. You’ll hear her coming and she is left vulnerable upon entry. So shooting her as she propels in or placing a frost trap near where you think she can enter is a great strategy.

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Goyo is the new addition to the defending side. While I’m still not a fan of the whole shield in doorway meta, I find it can hinder more than it can help, Goyo’s unique ability can keep attackers at bay if place and used in the right spots.
He attaches a canister to the back of his shields that detonate when shot at, or make contact with explosives. This spreads fire in the area, that will stop players charging in. It can also be used against the defending team. If an attacking player has a line of sight, or throws a well placed explosive, it will detonate and make it harder for the defending team.

He is my favourite out of the two at the moment.

Overall, it’s been a pretty fun experience. Far better than the previous season. I made a silly little montage to add to the end of this post too.

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Thank you for your time. I apologise for the delay, I needed some time to recover from a rough time mentally. My usual gaming post schedule is Friday.

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