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Criminally Underutilised WWE Superstars!

Throughout the years, it seems that the WWE isn’t always aware of what they have with their rosters, with so many superstars signed at once, it makes sense some would get lost in the fray, or they choose to push others over them for whatever reason, but I digress.

Some of these superstars have had a main event push, some haven’t. Some might be active, others might not be. To stop this list ending up with me, mainly complaining about the era of the divas, I asked a friend for his input.

This is an opinion post, so take what is said with a pinch of salt!

The Miz
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This one really annoys me. He has held the WWE Championship and is more than worthy of another top of the card run, but he seems to have been relegated to the mid-card over the past few years. While there’s no shame in holding The Intercontental championship, he has the in ring skills and the mic skills to be holding the Universal Championship and being the top heel. He is much better as a heel. He is AWESOME, pun intended.

ChristianImage result for christian wwe

Christian first debuted as the tag team partner of Edge, we won’t get into the whole abandoned brothers thing here. He was charismatic, he knew how to work a crowd, he had good promo skills, great in the ring, but he always seemed to be in the more successful Edge’s shadow. He is a legend in his own right, my favourite WWE feuds of his happened with Randy Orton, the No Holds Barred match at Summer Slam in 2011 and his heel turn against Edge in 2001, they just stand out to me.

Sonya Deville Image result for sonya deville

In my opinion, she is held back by being paired with Mandy Rose. I don’t have anything against Mandy Rose, the two being paired up just doesn’t seem to be working out for either of them, when you look back at her matches with Lacey Evans, and even her No Holds Barred match with Ruby Riott, another female superstar deserving of more, you’d think she’d be doing much better than she is. She has so much potential, but WWE doesn’t seem to be using her to her potential. Personally, I’d like to see her in a feud with Ronda Rousey, that’d be a good watch.

Ruby Riott
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Before her WWE run, she held many titles in the independent circuit and is, without a doubt, is one of the most talented women on the roster. The closest she got to a current WWE women’s title was a losing effort against Charlotte Flair at Fastlane in 2018.

Sadly, she is currently sidelined with injury, but I’m hoping when she returns, she gets a solo push now she is not shackled down by The Riott Squad, like Sonya Deville, being in a heel faction isn’t what is best for her, or the former Riott Squad members.

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