Cancel Culture: Problematic & Toxic

Chances are if you’re familiar with YouTube or social media in general, you’ve probably seen cancel culture, in effect, there seems to be scandal after scandal these days. It makes me yearn for the days where we all just enjoyed cat videos.

The formula usually goes like this, an accusation is made, it goes viral on social media, without knowing the story people jump into the accused mentions, say all sorts of horrible things, and in some cases, the person is proven innocent, then everyone backtracks. Or they just carry on anyway.

I won’t go into the full story, I’ll just touch on it briefly. Because I don’t have proof other than what is said one internet, the word of the day will be “allegedly”.

I in no way condone any of the behaviour I’m mentioning in this post. Like I said, though, I do not know these people personally, nor have I witnessed anything other than what was plastered on my feeds, I mean no disrespect to Heidi, Jared, or Holly.

The most recent case I saw was on Twitter and involved ProJared, his ex-wife Heidi and CommanderHolly. From what I saw from the fallout on social media, Jared allegedly cheated on his then wife, Heidi with Holly. She posted this after a statement was posted by Jared, who she was blocked by.

Naturally, because this is the internet we are talking about, there was an influx of clown memes and abuse hurled at Holly and Jared. The former defended herself, the latter stayed quiet until recently. It seemed Holly took the brunt of the abuse, I follow her on Twitter and Instagram, even now the comments still involve people calling her a home wrecker. Holly says Heidi abused Jared, Heidi says the opposite.

There were also allegations accusing Jared of sending inappropriate pictures of himself to minors, which, if true, that is unacceptable and he should be held accountable for his behaviour, also, if the abuse accusations are true, in either case, they both need to seek help. I have been in abusive situations.

Jared came out with a response recently,  which seems to have turned the support Heidi once had against her, which goes to show how fickle the internet actually can be. The sad thing is, I imagine all parties involved were hurting, and to be inundated with such harassment.

It is all too easy to forget that those we see through a screen are, indeed, real people. You might not see the aftermath, but words can hurt, really hurt. You don’t see the anguish, you don’t see the torment. What if it got too much for a person? What if they took their own life? Is it worth hurting and potentially ruining a person’s life over cheating accusations? Cheating is an awful thing to experience, I’ve been cheated on in the past.
As much as the ex hurt me, I couldn’t dream of ruining his life.

I understand there are legal proceedings going on with the inappropriate images, so I won’t speak any further about that.

Think before you react to any stories you see online, you do not know the full story and you find end up hurting an innocent person.

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