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The Current State of Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Need To Take Control of Their Game

I had a post with my first impressions of the season planned initially planned but this season hasn’t started as intended, so I’m putting that off for a while so I can talk about how I feel about the state of the game right now because it’s not good.

I didn’t mention these things during my post about the previous season, Operation Burnt Horizon because as far as I know, they appeared during the back end of that season. I figured that Ubisoft would take temporary measures and it would be addressed on the Technical Test Servers before Phantom Sight would go live for the retail versions of the game.

There were a few exploits last season which would make matches unfair. Players were able to glitch deployable shields onto their operators head, making it impossible to directly impact their heads, unless you got behind them. In a game that pretty much revolves around 1 shot headshots, it created an unfair advantage, Ubisoft disabled the deployable shields at that time.

The defending operator, Clash, who has a full body shield, had to be disabled from selection due to players finding a way to keep her shield fully extended while being able to use her firearm. She could shoot at attackers, but they were unable to retaliate. And the attacking operator. IQ had an exploit where she would end up invisible, I don’t know what the process of either exploits mentioned entailed, but in the case of IQ, Ubisoft removed Claymore mines from all attackers to prevent it happening further.  

Ubisoft shared this tweet two days ago, Clash and deployable shields weren’t added back into the game, and the IQ glitch wasn’t patched at all. Like Clash, she has been disabled for the online modes, so at this early stage into the new season, 2 operators are unplayable, and a gadget is still unable to be selected. While I understand why they needed to be removed, I doubt anybody wants to play against game-breaking exploits. At the same time, however, the game is pushing its 4th year, an operator that some people paid real money for has been removed, and there have been similar exploits like these in the past.

As well as these issues, there are still issues with toxicity. The vote to kick feature is still horribly abused for many reasons. The most common instances I’ve seen are: picking an operator another player wanted, and this is the one I’ve seen the most, people who aren’t “good enough” in around tend to have the vote to kick feature activated against them, even those I play with are guilty of this.

Team killing is still an issue, but in defence of Ubisoft, they have started implemented a feature to attempt to thwart it, that is a work in progress, but as it stands, it is pretty pointless when you get team killed by players in a squad. Even if the feature gets activated, their teammate can team kill you anyway. So the offending player stays unpunished.
I have a post here about that feature if you are interested.

These are issues that should have been dealt with early on in the games life. Ubisoft are not a small, indie developer, they have the means and the funds to ensure all works as intended in their games.
I won’t pretend I understand a thing about programming but shouldn’t the developer of a game at least have some understanding as to what causes repeated/similar exploits?

I really enjoy this game, I have been playing for nearly 2 years daily. I have bought digital content for it. I own merch and clothing based on the universe, it’s a mainstay on my blog. I care about this game, it has its issues, but there isn’t much else like this game available. It’s a unique experience with fun and challenging matches, it is just a shame to see something like this, that got a second chance to thrive sink like this.

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3 thoughts on “The Current State of Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Need To Take Control of Their Game

  1. Honestly, I’ve never played this game, I haven’t played any Rainbow Six since the PS2 days. Is it a first person or third shooter?

    Anyway, the vote to kick feature certainly sounds nasty… They should definitely sort that out!

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