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Pokémon Go: I Have Walked Over 400KM!

Have I mastered the art of clickbait yet?

I have posted on here about how I like to walk over to the local park and play Pokémon Go.  For every 1km you walk with Magikarp as your buddy you’ll get a candy which will evolve it, it takes 400 to evolve it, so that was my goal. I find it easier to do something when I have a goal in mind. I ended up walking 405km, so I had some to spare.

I know this will sound daft, or maybe even pathetic but this is such a huge accomplishment for me. I don’t want to affirm my weight as fact, so I’ll just say I have been happy with it for the longest time. Pokémon Go has helped me become more active and sometimes I feel happy just being outside of the house.

I still have a long way to go in regards to getting the weight and shape I want but I am having a blast in the meantime!
Some days I’m walking close to 5 miles! Not sure what that is in other measurements but that’s a good distance!

Pokémon Go is rapidly changing my life and my motivation to get fit! I have dipped in and out of the Pokémon series over the years. Trying to afford a console and a handheld has been a tricky set of affairs.
Having such an app on my iPhone is wonderful. Granted I have my data and power banks with me, I have access to a Pokemon Game on the Go, pun intended.

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