Video Games

Platinum Trophy: Far Cry 4

I am glad I came back to this game, I really enjoyed the gameplay in the end.
This will likely be a short post.

Maybe it’s because I had a stop/start relationship with the game but I didn’t really enjoy the story all that much. I found most of the characters unlikeable, Sabal and Amita were the two I disliked the most. I won’t post spoilers, don’t worry.
They were both insufferable in their own special ways so I ended up siding with the one who irritated me less.

I did really enjoy the gameplay, however. I am a big fan of the whole open world concept. I also like the hunting, looting and gathering aspect of the gameplay. I found myself spending the most time getting prepared. I hunted animals to get the best upgrades, constantly picked up the relevant leaves for the syringes and looting items for selling.

Overall, I had a good time with this. I am eagerly looking forward to getting Far Cry 5!

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