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Playing Pokémon Go To Get Active

I was really proud of this walk, I have walked further than this but this was one I pushed myself to do. I am way too accustomed to just throwing in the towel over the slightest setbacks.  I hurt my knee recently, pulled a muscle so this was a nice slow paced walk. Even climbed a small hill because the usual footbath was being worked on. No complaints, though. It was nice taking a new route and I still got to where I needed to be.

I used to play Pokémon Go with a friend on rare occasions, I was always too afraid to go alone. My friend has since moved away, so I decided to brave it and just start going by myself.

There is a park within walking distance from my house, which is filled with Pokéstops, the adjacent area also has a few, plus there are shops nearby if I ever need to purchase any bottles of water. Walking is a thirsty business.

I have really enjoyed returning to the world of Pokémon Go, it gives me something to focus on while I am walking, sometimes I get nervous when I walk past people, so with Pokémon Go, I have something to look at if I’m not planning on making conversation that is. Anxiety aside, if anybody talks to me, I will always respond.





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