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Quality Over Quantity

This is going to be a rushed post, by the time this is published I will be getting ready to attend Cardiff Comic Con, I am excited for that but honestly, not excited about writing a post about it.

With this blog, I have found myself at various points of its existence writing and publishing subpar posts in an attempt to get something out in time for deadlines I have set. When I first started writing here I wanted to make daily content, found myself resenting the quality of posts I published. Almost abandoned the blog over it. Limited me to a 4 post a week schedule, that was great at first, then I found myself feeling the same way towards this schedule.

I think I need to find some books, articles, blog post templates or anything else that will improve my writing style. While I will always want this blog to reflect every aspect of my life, I am not happy with most posts seeming like a glorified journal. It isn’t a bad thing but I want to throw my hat into the reviewing world, I want to talk about products that I like, I want to do fun things with this space.
I just want to see personal growth here, it is all a workable thing but it feels so far away right now.

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