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What I’ve Been Playing: Coffin Dodgers



Coffin Dodgers is a game by Wales Interactive and the second game I have played by the company. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the other game by them I have played, called The Bunker, it can be found here.

I picked up this game and another game by Wales Interactive called Late Shift, post coming on the latter once I play it but back on to Coffin Dodgers.

The game’s story is pretty simple, you’re racing to literally beat death and not die. Simple enough story for a kart racing game. As with other kart racers, there are powerups. They are quite fun. You get the standard speed boosts, shield and rocket to knock the person in front of you out of the way, another power-up is an Uzi, I found that funny.
I quite liked the cartoon style visuals this game has,  it really helped with the games barmy presentation.

I didn’t really encounter any game-breaking bugs or glitches. I did, however, encounter two things that bugged me but weren’t necessarily game-breaking, they were minor inconveniences.  The game’s framerate would drop and the game would sit still for a few seconds at some points, the other annoyance was the opponent AI. During a race towards the end of the game’s story, there was a point where I’d get clipped by an opponents weapon and I’d lose first place, it seemed as if I could catch everyone up, minus the person that was in first.  I tried upgrading the kart to see if that’d help but it didn’t at first. I did complete the race and the story.

Overall, it was a fun little game. Something simple I could focus on since I am recovering from being ill.
It’s also my 25th platinum trophy, I recommend picking it up if you’re a trophy hunter. It’s also fun to play on split screen, couch co-op needs to make a return.




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