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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Returning for the Platinum Trophy​

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The first time I played this game I was a little disappointed with it. I felt as if it had dragged on for too long,  I felt that some missions were placed there for filler sake and I felt the story could have dragged on and could have ended earlier than it did. I took some time away from the game after this and played other games and my opinion on the game has changed. If you’re interested in reading my first take on the game it can be found here.

One thing I can absolutely praise this game for is not locking certain collectables to points in the story, I was able to load up my save file to where I left it last and return to hunting the yaoi collectables, completing an optional boss fight who I won’t name in case it’s a spoiler, using all the toilets and the trophies related to the farting abilities. I missed a collectable while playing The Stick of Truth and picked the wrong class to get the platinum, so I had to replay that second time. That was my own fault, though but I am glad that wasn’t an issue with this game!

The last trophy I needed was “The Token Experience” so I worked on that for a little while.  I was more familiar with the game this time around, though which was a blessing. To begin with, I was getting slapped about by the AI since on the Mastermind difficulty the AI is a lot smarter but after some trial and error I worked out the best setup for my characters and how often to abuse healing items! My favourite characters to use in his game were Toolshed, Call Girl and Mysterion. I relied a lot on my character using healing moves, Call Girl using her debuff moves, Toolshed was played as both an attacker and a healer and Mysterion was used as an attacker and also an option to debuff enemies if he was knocked down, plus his super ability brings him back from the dead and heals his team.
I won’t pretend I had an easy time but once I knew the best way to attack situations it became less of a struggle!

I actually like the game a lot more now, I think that playing The Stick of Truth and then going straight into this tainted the game a little for me, I actually enjoyed my second playthrough a lot more than the first but I do feel that some points of the story felt like it could have ended there but they carried it on.

I’d still recommend this game to any fan of the show, it’s hilarious as always.


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